Shades of Red

I don’t really have much time to write at the moment, things are crazy busy. Just so I’m not neglecting this place, here’s the revised opening to my Lovecraftian Superhero Apocalypse story, Shades of Red. It’s much shorter than the original opening.

Kelly Siena was no stranger to mounds of rubble. Over the past fifteen years, she’d been buried under various types of stone (she particularly hated sandstone), twisted girders (which could come in handy in certain situations), shattered glass (clear, tinted, and stained), pillars, aluminum siding, a few dinosaur exhibits, and, once, a suspension bridge. In her line of business people had a tendency to get thrown through all manner of structures. She mentally catalogued the building materials of the cluster of structures toward which she was plunging; concrete walls with steel reinforcements, and…lead? Did they put lead in power plants? She had no idea. Either way, it was going to hurt.

She struck the southernmost tower of the Kobayashi Peak Nuclear Generating Station at an angle and bounced off, shearing off a big chunk of concrete. The boom deafened her, and her left arm felt like it had been torn off. There wasn’t long to dwell on the pain before she slammed into the north tower. She plunged through layers of stone and pipes and then was in clear sky again for a moment before crashing to the ground. It was more concrete, but she still had enough momentum to dig a ten-foot trench before finally coming to painful halt.

“Son of a bitch,” Kelly groaned. Overhead, the sky was turning a sickly crimson color, thick and sticky, as though someone were pouring blood across the Earth. She felt as much as saw a shadow pass over her, and a rumbling section of the north reactor tower loomed into view. “Oh, you are kidding me—”