Radio Gal

The cast for my superhero universe is steadily growing. Here’s a new one, who I’m loving the idea of. I think she’s got a striking look and a fun personality. Here’s a quick bit I wrote where she learns a new use for her powers. I’m hoping it’s clear what she can do, but if not it’s no big deal, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of opportunities to write some more adventures for her.

Radio Gal (an introduction)

Allison’s new helmet was way better than her old gear. It housed three different receivers, an extra set of antennae, and the sleek, swept-back conical shape made for great listening. As she tightened up the chin strap, she glanced at her old headphones, discarded on the table, and wondered how she’d ever gotten by with those antiques.

The helmet was yellow with a pair of black stripes, perfectly matching her jacket. A nifty colored visor snapped over the top of her face, so she could trash her old mask.

Allison slipped out her bedroom window and onto the squeaky fire escape. The sounds of the city slammed into her with an almost palpable force. Honking cars, millions of feet pounding pavement, the roar of the garbage truck a block away, fire trucks on Seventh, street vendors trying to out-yell each other as they competed for customers. One couple yelled at each other in front of an open window while another made love a few windows down. A bus came to a halt on whiny brakes in front of Allison’s apartment building.

That was enough. She squeezed a remote built into her glove, and the FM radio in her helmet sprang to life. Her favorite station broadcast soothing waves of late ‘70s R&B, which she turned up until it downed out most of the cities noise.

Twenty-three floors below was the dark alley where Radio Gal had been born, where she began her patrols every night. Allison took a deep breath and leapt.

She plummeted toward the cement. She was actually falling a little faster than she’d imagined, and for a split second she panicked and could picture nothing but her yellow jacket in bloody shreds all over the alley. Then she closed her eyes and forced herself to calm down. This would work, she thought. It had to work.

Allison could see the radio waves. They were all over, a jumbled cacophony of sound, but she focused and plucked her favorite free of the others. Marvin Gaye, strong and clear. She wrapped the radio signal around herself, pulling more and more until it formed an ever expanding cushion around her falling body. Allison felt her descent slow, and she saw the radio waves gently bend and flatten as they hit the dirty, dank floor of the alley. She opened her eyes and found herself just a few feet from the ground. A huge grin sprawled across her face, and she eased herself gracefully to the cement.

“Ha!” she laughed. She bowed to an imaginary audience and let the borrowed radio waves unwind. Marvin danced back away into the night, and all the radios in a three block radius picked up their signals again.


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  1. Very cool and intersting power. I mean who hasn’t thought about all those radio waves … all around us… through us… doing gods know what to us!

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