Sorry for the lack of updates (or perhaps I’m doing you all a favor?), I haven’t had much chance to write lately.

I did get to see the latest Harry Potter last night. I enjoyed the non-stop action, but it felt like it was missing some of the puzzles and mysteries that made (I thought) the previous movies so creative and interesting. This one was basically A) Let’s all learn how to kick ass, followed by B) Here we all are kicking ass. Well worth seeing, though. I’ve just started reading the fourth book, so I can’t comment on how well this one was adapted. Hope, who has read the book, thinks it’s the best Potter ever, so take that for what you will.

As for Transformers, well it should have been a shoe-in for me to see it, but the fact that Micheal Bay directed absolutely kills it for me. If I notice when it goes to the dollar theater maybe I’ll catch it then.

On the rental side of things, I saw The Quiet Earth and holy crap that movie rocks. Last Man Alive-type movie. I highly recommend it.