Dušan excerpt

I just have a moment, and haven’t had a chance to post much here lately, so I’ll post a short bit of what I’m currently working on, the Sevastian Dušan story. It’s shaping up pretty well in my mind, so I’m hoping to finish it before I have to launch into Nano next month. This is still very much a draft and work in progress, so don’t be too hard on it.


The building suddenly began to shake. Dust shook free from the ceiling, and equipment toppled and smashed to the floor. Patients throughout the ward cried out in alarm, and hospital staff rushed about, mostly in a state of panic. Earthquakes were not terribly common in New York.

“That…this feels pretty real,” Samantha said.

“It’s not,” Dušan assured her. “But we can still die here.”

They rushed from the room. They heard windows shatter as the quake worsened. Nurse Richards waved from the desk.

“Karen!” she called, “we need to-”

Samantha would never know what Karen was expected to do in this situation. As Nurse Richards waved, clutching the reception desk for support, massive black shapes detached from the ceiling above her. The shapes unfolded into a multitude of long, sharp, hairy legs. Huge, pincer-like mandibles thrust from bulbous heads. Three of the horrid things fell upon Nurse Richards, tearing her to shreds. Blood and everything else that had comprised the nurse sprayed across the desk and floor of the reception area.

“Oh my God!” Samantha screamed. “Oh my God!”

“Don’t worry,” Dušan said. “They’re just showing off. We’re the only people here.” The massive spiders, each the size of a small horse, spontaneously sprouted their signature multifaceted eyes, which turned mercilessly toward the mage and Samantha. “Well, unless you count them as people.”

“Oh my God!” Samantha beat on Dušan’s shoulder. “You’re really not very good at the whole inspiring confidence thing!”