NaNo Day…um, what day is this?

I had a good time over the weekend at the Texas Book Festival. Sherman Alexie was awesome, and congrats’ed me on the acceptance of my story. Also noteworthy was The Onion’s hilarious presentation of their new atlas. I laughed in between glares of hatred and envy over their jobs. C-SPAN was there recording for BookTV or something, but I can find no mention of it online.

Also? Lady sitting in front of me was wearing a Serenity t-shirt. I keep telling Hope we are legion, but she refuses to believe.

Oh, and Hope was nearly run over by the Secret Service. How awesome is that?

NaNo has stalled. Not having a notebook makes it a chore to write anywhere but home. I’ll be working 10 hours of overtime this week, with no doubt more to come.

I’m going to focus on my Secret Santa story, because it has been a blast so far to work on, and because it will be turned over to an actual person at the end of the month. I actually just about finished it last night, but I think I’ve hit a snag and possibly turned my main character into a Mary Sue. She can do pretty much anything, so I’ve got to figure out how to limit her powers and still have her win out in the end. And there’s a really cool scene that might have to go because of that. That’s the tricky thing about magic.

Also, I’ve noticed that the story is almost entirely action. Fun, exciting action, but there’s not really anything to explain who the characters are or why you should give a crap about them. I’ll have to add some exposition in there.

As soon as that’s done, I will return to NaNo with a vengeance.


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  1. Are you crazy? Man your dedication to NaNo is severely lacking. Get back onto NaNo or you won’t have a chance. Its not something you can take a break on.

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