Anyone have a book they want to recommend? I just finished up Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere (excellent, as usual) and am ready for something new.

I’m thinking something with spaceships. I haven’t had enough spaceships lately.


4 thoughts on “Recommendations?”

  1. If you want a non-Sci-Fi book. I cannot recommend Lone Survivor enough. You know I don’t read at all, and I went through that in a week. You cannot put it down.

    Should be required reading for all High School students. The writing is not very good, and he preaches a bit much in it. But the story is overwhelming.

  2. If you like more realistic fantasy (less with the magic, more with the medieval setting), George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series (1st book — “Game of Thrones”) is excellent. I think it’s great for all writers, as he is masterful at telling a complete story using many separate points of view to paint a picture.

  3. I believe Martin’s “Ice and Fire” series is indeed on my list of books to read. If only I could find that list, hehe.

    Shopping at Half-Price Books for a series is always tricky – it seems like they never have book one.

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