Sorry for the lack of posting. I haven’t worked on any exercises, and am thinking hard about my 1000-word mystery. I have started something, but it looks more like the end of Clue or Murder by Death than I’d like.

I’ve received another acceptance, from, wait for it…OMG! The Book of Awesome Stuff. It’s a funny and surreal flash piece involving ice skaters and robots called “Justin’s Ice Dream,” very loosely based on an actual dream I had years ago. It was rejected (under a different title) by a couple of places before, and I’d pretty much given up on it as being simply too strange. It seems I was wrong! OMG! should be out this summer.
Joining me in OMG! will be Stephanie from the writing group (a link to her blog is over there on the right somewhere). Her story involves an island of hawtsome women, which automatically makes it better.


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