Trudging along

Work is progressing on my robot noir, but very slowly. I have a lot of scenes planned out in my head, but I need to get to them first. I have the crime and all the various factions sorted out, and our good detective, Everett Lehrer, has gotten his first few clues and just discovered Asta. It’s at just over a thousand words.

I think I may continue taking my time on this one, and submit my story about arch-mage and Sevastian Dušan as my supernatural story for the writing group. I’ll make a few minor revisions and then get feedback. It’s one I wouldn’t mind submitting somewhere, but I honestly have no clue where it would go. Surely there are some markets out there for this sort of urban fantasy, I just need to find them.

Because there’s no way I’ll get this Asta story done by…I think it’s the 18th of this month that something is due to the group for crit, and it’s nowhere near the state it needs to be in.