You hit buttons and stuff appears

So I’ve started shopping for a laptop (though I hear the kids today call them notebooks? whatever). Any writer will tell you sometimes you just have to get out of the house to write, and a laptop would make it so much easier for that. Also, for any road trips, writing group write-ins, etc. At the moment I carry my current projects around on a USB thumb drive, but even then I can only actually work on my work and home desktops. If I’m out somewhere, everything has to be done on pen and paper. I’ve never been interested in owning one before, but it’s becoming a necessity as I get more serious about writing.

There are plenty of laptops available in my small budget range, but unfortunately they all have Vista on them. Which pretty much makes me not want to get one at all. I wouldn’t mind a Mac, but they’re too expensive and aren’t compatible with anything else I already own. There are a few available online with XP, but then I have fewer financial options (can’t really drop that much money all at once). Sigh. Facing a crappy OS pretty much takes all the fun out of it.

In other news, Dave Stevens has died. He’s the artist that created The Rocketeer and pretty much single-handedly jump-started the whole Bettie Page pop-culture craze that cropped up a while back. He was only 52. Darned shame.

I’ve started doing a little revising of my Secret Santa story I wrote last year for the writing group’s supernatural collection. I’m itching from a lack of writing, so I’ll try to get an exercise or two done in the next couple days.


3 thoughts on “You hit buttons and stuff appears”

  1. It was my first NaNo (2005) that made me finally decide to take the plunge and get the laptop. I wanted to be able to go to all of VA’s write-ins and not have to take pen and paper.

    You know, I’ve heard that there is some good open office software out there for people who don’t want to pay for Word, and I think it is Mac compatible. I haven’t tried it, though.

  2. Also, the Apple program Pages is compatible with Word, more or less. You can open Word documents and export files as Word docs (because Word won’t open a file saved as a Pages document). You can do commenting as well, and Pages only costs, like, $79. I haven’t used Word on my Mac for years. I’ve heard sooo many bad things about Vista. Blah. I hope you find the perfect laptop to fit your needs. 🙂

  3. Don’t be fooled by the Mac shills! You need Windows! WINDOWS!
    I have Windows Vista and it is perfectly okay. I run sexy high-end video games without difficulty while listening to illegal stolen music and watching counterfeit smuggled downloaded video crimes. No slowdown or interdiction. Microsoft has patched it up nicely, and it is now as stable as XP! Plus, it’s the only OS that can take advantage of 4 gig of ram and REALLY take advantage of a 64-bit processor. Which you must have to survive in our dangerous, uncertain future.
    My God! You Mac Martyrs! How many must you drag to share your watery graves?!
    I use Open Office. It is 100% free, 0% expensive, and does everything that MS Word does. And it’s free. It’s just fine.
    You like video games? You know what those Mac guys don’t get? Video games! Also, sex. They get no sex, and no beer, and no fun! It is against their codified code of honor code, Q.E.D. Steve Jobs et al! You might as well apply for castration as buy an Apple product! Millions of ipod geldings!
    That is my honest, addled opinion.

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