That’s a big cake

Virginia has like 7 prompts done already! A monumental task stands before me!

This one isn’t finished, but I rather like it. There’s more than a little of me in Jennifer’s thoughts about high school. My graduating class had about 80 people. I’d probably remember about five or so of them on sight. Maybe about half if they had some story to remind of who they were. This is being optimistic. I’m not sure if that makes me an asshole or not. This uncertainty isn’t so much because I’ve forgotten them, it’s because there’s a good chance I never bothered to catalog their existence in the first place. That’s what probably makes me an asshole.

Don’t get me wrong: high school wasn’t particularly terrible for me. It was neither great nor awful. Some people come out with angst, and for others it was (sadly) the best time of their lives. Most of what I remember fondly from that period of my life happened outside of school, and with only a handful of my scholastic colleagues. I would say the general sense of apathy I feel for the world has its roots there. Anyway…

Exercise: Story starter: Sure, Jennifer liked _______, but this was ridiculous. [fill in the blank with a noun of your choice!]

Actually, I’m liking this enough that I may submit it somewhere. I’m just going to post the first couple paragraphs for now. And of course, this means the stuff that I’m referencing above isn’t included. Oh well.

Apotheosis Cake

Sure, Jennifer liked cake, but this was ridiculous. Her sister’s wedding cake towered over the reception, a pillar of frosting. Any taller and it would block out the sun to bring a thousand years of darkness and despair. Civilizations could rise and fall in the shadow of this sugary ziggurat. Jennifer half expected her new brother-in-law to start screeching and throw a bone toward the very pinnacle of the cake.

Jennifer shifted uncomfortably in her lemon yellow bridesmaid dress and cast a worried glance at her cleavage. The last thing she wanted was one of the more distant and forgetful cousins hitting on her. She spotted one of them at the edge of the dance floor and quickly turned away to avoid eye contact. Maybe she could, in a few day’s time, navigate around to the other side of the mammoth cake…


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  1. That was my first thought! I’ll probably look around for another market first, though, just to see if I can spread out a little more.

  2. Good intro! You should send it to the group. 🙂

    I love EDF, but there are some other flash markets around, too. Flash Me, flashquake, etc. Search Duotrope for the flash length.

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