I’ll be wandering around Cape! this Saturday handing out flyers for A Thousand Faces. If anyone else in the Dallas area is going, let me know. I should be wearing one of these. And if you’re not going, why not? It’s a great event, especially for kids. Hope took her nephew a couple years ago and he loved it. Plus you get lots of free stuff. Seriously, lots. I have a stack of free comics from three years ago I still haven’t gotten around to reading. And they have half-a-block’s worth of long boxes full of quarter comics. It’s win-win.

Yesterday I submitted the cake story. It seems like a prestigious sort of joint, so who knows if they’ll let my sort in there. 🙂 And I’m hoping in the next day or so to have news on when my next story will be appearing over at Every Day Fiction. Exhilarating!