What I’m Reading

Red 5’s Atomic Robo, by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener – I picked up all six issues of this at Cape! this past weekend, and it’s a blast. It’s basically Hellboy, but with a robot, and more science-oriented than mystic. Some of the best material is the little digs the famous scientists take at each other. Great stuff. As I’m reading it, I see a lot of the same type of storytelling I want to do with Asta, my android detective; the series can jump around in time and tell a variety of stories, all while leaving the character essentially unchanged. Atomic Robo was even built around the same time (a little earlier, from what I gather).

The New Teen Titans Archives Vol. 1, by Marv Wolfman and George Perez – this is the book that saved DC back in the early ’80s. While I like some of the individual Titans as characters, as a team they’ve never really interested me much. This hasn’t really changed that opinion. This hasn’t aged as well as some of the X-Men books from the same time period. I will say this, though–they pack a lot of story into each of those issues.

Christine Falls, by Benjamin Black – Mystery novel set in 1950s Ireland. I’ve barely gotten started on it, but it seems really good so far.