The Conway Case

Writing Prompt:

Write a story using three of the following: a child, chocolate sprinkles, a designer outfit, a hymnal, a secret door, water.

This is far from finished; I have so far only used 2 of the ingredients,and of course it needs an ending. I more or less have the ending in mind, I just need to get it down and clear up some of the details and fix a few things already written. I’m going to just post a piece of it – I may work on this some more and submit it somewhere.

I’m seriously considering cannibalizing a previous story, one I consider a failure, and using the elements from it that I liked to flesh this one out.

May 21st Update/Tip: Never write horror at night, in the dark, just before you go to bed.

The Conway Case

…The room had been, at one time, a young girl’s room. Yellow wallpaper, faded and cracked, covered the walls, trimmed by a thin strip of flowery border. A small bed lay buried beneath a pile of mildewed stuffed animals. Monroe walked to a decaying bureau in the corner. Cheap rusted jewelry covered most of the desk. He sifted through the old necklaces and earrings and found a thin diary. He froze at the creek behind him.

“It’s not nice to look through other people’s things,” spoke the person creeping up behind him. Monroe slowly turned, his free hand gripping his backpack strap tightly. He turned off the flashlight and set it on the desk.

The late occupant of the room stood just a few feet away. She wore a pink dress and held a stuffed elephant that looked as new as the day it had been gifted to its owner. Her bright blonde hair was piled in careful curls atop her head. Her pale skin glistened with moisture. She looked up at him with wide blue eyes.

“It’s not nice to sneak up on people, either,” Monroe admonished. He fought to keep the shiver from his voice. He slowly eased the backpack from his shoulder.

“I don’t think my mommy would like you in here,” she said…


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