What’s goin’ on

I was pretty busy this weekend and didn’t get anything done. My to do list:

I’ve got a my robot librarian story to send out, I think I’ve put the final tweaks on it. I like the story, but I’m afraid there’s a reference in it that people may not get. I think the story works anyway, but we’ll see.

I’m also planning to send the cake story out again. I might work on it some more. I happen to agree with the editors who’ve already rejected it, so we’ll see if there’s something there to salvage.

I need to revise my Sevastian Dušan story. I love the characters and enjoy the story, but unfortunately have absolutely no clue where I would send it.

I need to catch up on some crits for the writing group, namely Stephanie’s novel. I’m way behind on it!

I feel like I should write some new superhero stories for A Thousand Faces. That’s a publication I should be plugging away at, it’s right up my alley. The problem I’m encountering is that the next superhero story I want to write will likely be a novel about the Scarlet Ranger. But she has plenty of friends and enemies who are deserving of short stories, and anything I write will only help me write the novel later. So I really need to just need to sit down and start doing it.

I really need to get this stuff (at least the first few) done this week. Next week the writing group is having a “Story Every Day” contest, inspired by the little challenge I put myself through a while back. It’s going to be crazy! We’ll be doing it for two weeks, so if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be posting a little chunk of flash every day between the 9th and 22nd. With luck a few will actually be worth trying to sell.

Meanwhile, I’ll be busy trying to keep my eyes away from this thing of absolute beauty that I just received in the mail this weekend.


2 thoughts on “What’s goin’ on”

  1. ATF is right up your alley. 🙂 Maybe some of your SED stories will work there!

    And, speaking of the Sevastian story, I’ve actually noticed more superhero type fiction up at Strange Horizons than I would have thought. Of course, talk about hard to get in there, but it’s worth a try. The last story I read there was about a human former wanna-be superhero trying to save his company from a pair of superhero twins who thought it was owned by a super villain.

  2. For some reason I don’t think of Sevastian as a superhero. He totally is, but when I think of where I’d like to see it on the shelf, it’s more alongside something like the Dresden Files. I wanted to use him to tell magic fantasy stories in a modern age. I’m sure there are lots of markets for that. Magic definitely has its place among superheroes, but it’s usually kind of marginalized, at least compared to science fiction.

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