Story Every Day – Day 1!

Done with a couple of hours to spare! For those of you just joining us, my writing group is having a little contest this month in lieu of our regular prompt contest (500-word minimum). We’ll be writing a short story each day for two solid weeks. If it sounds like pure misery and pain, you are not entirely incorrect.

I think I’m going to just be posting small doses of these stories. Any one of them I might end up enjoying enough to publish somewhere.

This one even has a Schrödinger joke.


David reached tentatively into the rainstorm—it was real. His hand got wet, anyway. But on his side of the street, there was no rainstorm. The storm ended exactly at the center of the small town of Hafsburg. David stood in a dry and rather warm north-bound lane. The south-bound lane was immersed in a drenching downpour.

“Huh,” David muttered.

“Nothing supernatural about that,” Diana said. “Clouds have to end somewhere.”

“Yeah, but,” David looked up and down the street, “happening in a city that’s been completely vacated? That can’t be coincidence.”

Hafsburg lay empty. Empty stores darkened empty streets. Empty cars filled the driveways and avenues, many with the engines still running. Empty benches awaited empty buses that would never arrive. Empty chairs sat in front of tables full of half-eaten meals.

Diana spoke into her radio. “Nothing yet. Stand by.”

“What do you think?” asked David. “Mass hallucination?”

“Ours? Or theirs?”



“You know, one of these days, you’ll say ‘Maybe.’ I live for that day. Schrödinger event?”

Diana pursed her lips. “Like Newfield? The 1900 Census?”

He shrugged. “Works for me.”

“The last census was eight years ago.” She rolled her eyes. “These people pay like fifty billion a year in taxes for our organization. I think we can do better than wild quantum speculation.”