Story Every Day – Day 8

Whew! Just under the wire! I didn’t actually think I’d get anything done today. This was Hope’s birthday, so we were pretty busy.

I had a lot of fun writing this, though it is a bit rushed. I didn’t have time to research and come up with good names, so these are just what popped into my head.  Here’s an excerpt; who knows, I might clean this one up and submit.


Hakasu, The Blind, and Gorobei, The Deaf, faced each other at the top of a waterfall, swords drawn. Gorobei held his sword loosely, his entire body relaxed. His keen eyes fixed on his opponent. Hakasu stood stiff as the rocks over which tumbled the river, his five good senses searching for anything out of place.

The summer sun shone down on them both from a cloudless sky. They stood in ankle-deep water, just a few feet from the frothy edge of the waterfall, the spray soaking the ragged edges of their pants. The forest crowding the edges of the river continued to bustle with life, only vaguely aware of the conflict.

They had been like this for three days. But no one had ever named Hakasu or Gorobei The Patient.

A single drop of sweat fell from Gorobei’s brow. He saw it fall, but resisted the urge to catch it, hoping beyond hope that Hakasu would not hear a single drop of sweat in the torrent of the waterfall. Hakasu would certainly hear the rustle of clothes and feel the slight change in the wind if Gorobei moved, however swiftly.

The bead of sweat vanished into the river. Gorobei’s eyes flickered down to watch the drop disappear, then up just in time to spot Hakasu’s lunge.