Story Every Day – Day 11

I missed yesterday! I fail!

It’s cool. I was exhausted last night – we had the misfortune of coming across this lost dog, and, well, long story short, the evening ended with an epic chase for a good five or six blocks, which is way more running that I’ve done at one time in decades.

If I get a chance I’ll post about The Incredible Hulk tomorrow. I still need to write a Kung Fu Panda review for the newsletter at work.

Here’s a portion of today’s offering.

The Band

When he wasn’t waiting tables at the Mexican place on Main, Quinn sang lead vocals for the band. They called themselves Kobayashi Maru. Most of their songs involved dinosaurs, time travelers, and spaceships. They had a tune about yetis that was a fan favorite because they could sing along and Quinn would lead them in stomping about like a yeti. Sometimes there was a song about a robot.

Kobayashi Maru had two other members, a guitarist named San and a drummer, Paul. San worked at a telemarketing job, selling vacation packages. He’d written the yeti song. Paul mooched off his parents most of the time and knew every joke about freeloading drummers.

They’d originally had a fourth musician, Biff, a bassist who swore that was really his name. Quinn had to ask him to leave after he started referring to everyone as “bro.”


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  1. heh, running after it. Right as the owners (sort of, the owner’s neighbors, apparently) showed up, the dog slipped free and shot away down the street like a cannonball.

    I assume they eventually caught up with the dog; we never received a call from the owner and they never showed up at our house. It was all very strange.

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