The calm

Well, the Story Each Day contest is done, finished Sunday, actually. I wrote 11 of the 14 days, just shy of 7,000 words. I’m pretty happy with the results, both for myself and the group as a whole. In fact, of the people who really put the work in, I was the only one who didn’t make the 14-story goal! Congrats to everyone involved.

The biggest thing that came of it for me was what I began on Day 12. That’s a story that’s been floating around in my brain for about 10 years. I’ve started putting some more thought into it, and I may look around for some books, do the research, and expand on it. I’ve already written some more on it, and I can’t decide whether it needs to be a novel or not.

That means it probably does need to be a novel. Sigh.

Currently reading: Ghost World, by Daniel Clowes, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, by Junot Díaz