Aftershocks spikes

Looks like some of my friends and family got around to checking out my little mystery story over at Every Day Fiction, because it has suddenly leapt into not one but two of the Top Stories categories there. They recently revised their Top Stories lists to cover only the Top 10, but in several different categories. “Crush” fell out, but “Aftershocks” has hopped up to the low tiers of their “Current” and “By Rating.” I’m trying to think of a way to get more quote marks in this paragraph, but I’m not sure it’s possible.

I have been quite lazy of late, but I will get back to work. New prompt contest this month, so maybe I’ll get something mildly interesting posted up here soon. I also still need to submit a couple of stories I have laying around. But it’s been at least a month since I wrote them, so now when I look at them I hate them. It’s hard to work up enthusiasm for stories when you do that.


One thought on “Aftershocks spikes”

  1. Ooo… congrats on “Aftershocks.” That’s great! It was a really good piece of flash!

    If you’re talking about the robot librarian story, you should definitely submit it. I really liked that one!

    I know what you mean though about hating them after a while. It’s very rare that I come back to a story after that long and don’t hate it. “The Widow and the Stranger” is one of the few that I still like, even this far after the fact. However, I still keep submitting the others, and they seem to find homes eventually, even if it takes seven or eight submissions, so I think it’s still worth doing.

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