Do Not Want!

Fresh new rejection letter! Quick one, too. Yay!

Saw Wall·E. It’s quite good, though I think Monsters, Inc and The Incredibles are still the best of the Pixar bunch. Wall·E seemed almost too short. I could have stood to watch the little guy roaming around on the dead Earth for a little while longer. I felt disappointed when it turned out there were still humans alive. I wanted to see robots still carrying out the programs of a civilization long dead, but gradually learning to overcome that and create a society of their own. There’s potent metaphor there.

Or maybe I’m just weird.

(I always misspell weird and villain. For some reason it bugs the hell out of me that the i comes second. Perhaps I use the words weird and villain too much.)

Hellboy is out! And Dark Knight this weekend! Gah! Too much going on!

Moving on…I have joined the ranks of Twitter. It’s sort of a strange (ha! eat that, weird!) combination of message board and chat room. I have added a feed over there to the right. What’s really cool is that there are a number of writers and artists whose work I admire on Twitter, and you can chat with them a little, as we are all simultaneously bored at work. But it’s a lot more relaxed and casual than a chat room. It’s interesting.

If anyone out there uses it, feel free to follow me, and I’ll make sure to follow back.

Writing-wise, I am feeling the tug of several directions at once. I’d like to write a western, but I’d also like to explore my superheroes some more, which is really what I should be doing. I also have a couple of other stories smoldering as well. It’s hard to choose just one when so many are calling. It would help if I actually got back to work. I’ve also got a number of pending critiques due to the writing group.


5 thoughts on “Do Not Want!”

  1. Weird and villain get me a lot as well. Especially villain! Thank goodness for auto-correct!

    I’m on Twitter, as well. I’ll follow you.

  2. We have yet to get Wall-E here in Korea! Releases are weird that way – we got Pirates and the last Spider-man and Iron Man a few days early, but Wall-E hasn’t hit yet, and nor has Hellboy. I have yet to see posters for the Dark Knight, either.
    That’s the movie I’m most excited about this summer. I was reading the AV Club’s review of the Dark Knight, and actually became physically aroused. Wow!
    … no, not really.

  3. I’ve managed to avoid the Dark Knight hype so far. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not champing at the bit. There’s a decent chance I’ll wait until next week to see it.

    The Watchmen trailer has already had some impact on me, though. Which is bad, because it’s a year away. They had me at that first shot of Archie rising up from the bay.

  4. Oi…. Watchmen…
    I refuse to let myself get excited about that movie, as much as I want to. I don’t know if I’ll even go see it. As much as I’d theoretically love a Watchmen movie, it’s written by the guy who voices Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid games, and directed by the guy who directed the Dawn of the Dead remake, which probably ranks as my most hated movie of all time. The film only lasted 100 minutes, but I feel like I lost much more than that. I hated that movie so much that I still carry an active anger for the parties responsible, and this destroys any hope I might have for Watchmen. It breaks my heart, but my hatred for Zack Snyder overpowers my enthusiasm for Watchmen.

  5. Hayter also wrote the mediocre-to-passable X-Men scripts (not X3, thankfully). Hmm.

    Snyder I’m fairly ambivalent on, though I really enjoyed 300. He seems to be genuinely dedicated to making Watchmen as faithfully as possible, and in that I take hope. Really, nothing short of an HBO miniseries could do the book justice, so it comes down to hoping to see a movie you will hate less than how bad it potentially could have been. 🙂

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