Meme oh meme

I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but what the heck. I don’t get too personal on here often. You can blame Erin for this.

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Random Facts about Alex

  1. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably gathered by now that I am extremely geeky. From my unhealthy obsession with all things Joss Whedon to my constant mentioning of comic books. This is all topped, however, by my sad, sad addiction to HeroClix. I was raised a gamer, so when a collectible miniatures game based on the comic books I love so much came out, I was an easy target. It’s sort of like chess, but with math and a few thousand pieces to chose from, each of which has a different way of moving and attacking. On Sundays I go play at a local comic shop. Please don’t shun me!
  2. I’m on a quest to get autographs and pics with every member of the cast of Firefly. So far I’ve gotten Summer, Alan, Ron, and Morena, plus Christina Hendricks. Jewel is next month!
  3. You may or may not know that I work in publishing, as a copyeditor/typesetter. How did I get into publishing in the first place? I lied, of course! Sick of crappy retail jobs, I was scouring the newspaper for a new job and spotted an ad for the local newspaper, which was in need of a typesetter. I downloaded a demo of Quark and taught myself how to use it in a day, then went in and faked my way through the interview. The rest is history. By the time I got to my current job, I was an old pro. I actually really loved working at a newspaper, but the pay just wasn’t enough.
  4. Though I never watched an episode, I saw enough of the “Previously on…” recaps that I could probably wax intellectual on Dawson’s Creek. It’s not my fault! It came on right after Buffy!
  5. I own a copy of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. It gets worse: whenever they mentioned a rule on Deep Space Nine that wasn’t in the book, I would write it in. I take back my earlier statement; this is by far more geeky than HeroClix. My only defense is that it was a long time ago and this book hasn’t seen the light of day in years. My enthusiasm for Trek has dwindled since the ending of DS9, but it’s a universe I enjoy and hope to see more of. The execution really needs to start matching the idea, though.
  6. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot. I loved everything about airplanes. For years every research report at school was about some aspect of flying, usually centered on the two world wars. I read Chuck Yeager’s autobiography. I was fully Microsoft Flight Simulator qualified. My eyesight is crap, but that didn’t seem to bother me. This lasted up through high school; when I started looking at college, I included a couple of flight schools in my search. I’m not sure why I didn’t go through with it. Probably the hard sting of reality.


It’s kind of silly, because I don’t really know any bloggers that Erin doesn’t. Let’s see…

  1. Michael Sherlock – a young writer who’s just has his debut over at Every Day Fiction.
  2. Cortney – my cousin, who I believe is an aspiring writer as well. She hasn’t updated in forever, so we’ll see if she pops her head up.

I think I may have to leave it at that. Everyone else I know has already been tagged.


9 thoughts on “Meme oh meme”

  1. Awesome list, Alex. I have friends who do stuff like HeroClix. Can’t think of the name of it, but I built models for my friend Dan. The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition! I had no idea it existed. I mean, I know the Ferengi have them, but I abandoned DS9 early on, didn’t get into the fandom arena. I love Star Trek, but must confess that I’m terrible at being a fan. That goes for Buffy and Firefly, as well. Okay, Angel, too. I wouldn’t mind meeting some of the writers and actors from BSG… I’ve never ventured to a con, or bought too much fan-stuff. (Aside from DVDs, a Spike action figure, posters, and a few comic books. And Star Wars stuff, of course.) I’m a hermit fan, I admire from my cave.

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot, too. I wanted to fly fighter planes. Then I went to military school. One day the Commandant of the Marine Corps came to visit. He spoke for two hours about the evils of the Middle East, and how our boys were over there dropping bombs on those (insert racial slurs here) until they were all dead. That was in 1988, by the way, and we’re still dropping bombs on those people. I had an epiphany during his speech. I decided I didn’t want to be one of those boys dropping bombs. I never even thought of pursuing flight beyond the military. I wanted to go fast and blow stuff (not people or their homes) up. Top Gun, ya know. Now I don’t want to fly things.

    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad Erin tagged you.

  2. Alex — from one geek to another:

    I am also a big Firefly fan; have the boxed set and the Serenity blue ray disc, as well as the movie poster (framed and hung, thank you), and I am jealous that you have autographs. 😛 Jayne is my favorite character; I met Adam Baldwin at MarCon in Columbus Spring 2003; be still my heart!

    Also, although I don’t have a copy of the Rules of Acquisition, I do have two full Star Fleet uniforms (Lt. Commander Caitlin Stone, if you will), a Klingon headpiece and custom-made leather Klingon battle armor. I used to have a batlik and an outrigger knife, but I gave those to my son when I moved to Florida five years ago.

  3. Kevin – I got to meet Jane Espenson last year at a charity Serenity screening, and she’s been a regular writer on BSG, as well as all the Whedon shows. She’s very cool, and has an excellent blog on screenwriting. (

    KC – Awesome! I *just* missed Adam Baldwin. I had to choose between him and Summer, as they came to town only about two weeks apart and I couldn’t afford both conventions at the time. I’m hoping he’ll come back one of these days.

  4. We’re talking about possibly going to the con to meet Jewel. Undecided yet, but a definitely possibility. Then Stephen will have pictures of both Jewel and Summer! 🙂

  5. #5 leaves me speechless. Wow. As a former writer/editor of pen-and-paper RPG material, I like to think of myself as a pretty big geek. But – wow. I tip my hat, sir.

    #6 – did you ever play the licensed Chuck Yeager flight simulator? “Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat.” It had WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War planes you could fly… I played the hell out of that as a kid.
    Now almost no one plays flight sims…


  6. I did indeed play Chuck’s Air Combat. He actually had one before that that was simply Chuck Yeager’s Air Flight Simulator, in which you only flew, no combat. But you could fly all the experimental jets they came up with during the ’60s. Mostly they shook themselves to pieces mid-flight.

    I played pretty much all the flight sims made throughout the ’90s. It’s definitely a fad that’s past, which is sad.

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