Too busy…can’t…write…

Work has been crazy the last couple of weeks with the load and the overtime, so I have gotten virtually nothing done. I’m resolved to get at least one exercise done this week, so I’ll probably get something posted in a couple of days. I haven’t even had a chance to see the new Coen Bros. movie. Miracle at St. Anna comes out this weekend, too.

Tomorrow: Flogging Molly show! Yay! (In Dallas – not so yay, but I can live with it)

9/24 Update: The show was awesome! I moshed! And picked up their latest CD for dirt cheap! A fun time was had by all.


3 thoughts on “Too busy…can’t…write…”

    I saw them in 2000, when they opened for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a band about whom I no longer care. I had no idea who this “Flogging Molly” was, and then they played one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. It was an incredible show. I have all their albums. You have their latest? They just keep getting better. Ever seen ’em live?

  2. Awesome! I haven’t seen them before, so it’ll be a treat. I actually only discovered them myself maybe four or five months ago. I don’t have their latest album, but I have a couple of the older ones.

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