October EDF

So Every Day Fiction has released their Table of Contents for October, and it is exciting!

My story will be on the 20th. I like that this particular story falls on a Monday; it’s a light, funny piece, so maybe it will help the bleary-eyed Monday grumps perk up their day.

Anyway, Erin’s “A Million Faces” falls just a few days after mine. Shortly before mine will be KC’s “In His Prime,” and in about a week or so we’ll be treated with Kevin’s “Outlast the Stars.” Sprinkle in a few names such as Sylvia Spruck Wrigley and Sarah Hillary and you’ve got an all-star month.

Oh, and today’s XKCD is quite excellent.

Post Post Script: Oh, and it is also Banned Books Week, apparently. Go read some Mark Twain or something. Few things that infuriate me more than attempts to ban books.


3 thoughts on “October EDF”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Alex. I was making my post about the ToC today, mentioning names and linking to them, and found out that we’re all looking forward to each other’s stories. Pretty funny. Thanks, EDF!

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