Apotheosis Cake Live!

My light, funny flash piece, Apotheosis Cake, is live over at Every Day Fiction. Check it out! There are already several excellent comments! Don’t these people sleep? 😉


Oh, I just noticed the EDF Authors page is down. If you’re interested in my previous stories there, they can be found here and here.


3 thoughts on “Apotheosis Cake Live!”

  1. I like your piece of cake, Alex. It’s great and now I’ve just read about your superhero and Robert Stroud. Very cool little essay. For me writing is the extreme of these “sports,” the one that has forced me to learn about myself, made me suffer, brought me exhilerant joy. Painting is gentler. Perhaps because it’s visual, it feels more instinctive to me. Or perhaps because I’ve come to it second after years of struggling on the writing training field “to trust myself.” It’s the same process, no matter how you practice it.

  2. Strangely enough, the individual author’s pages at EDF still seem to be working (at least mine is — it’s linked on the story list on my website); it’s just the index page that is down. Unless my link is the exception.

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