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As NaNo looms, research becomes more and more important. With a daily word count of almost 2,000 pressing in, we simply don’t have time to scour the library for every little question we have. In fact, I wouldn’t blame someone for giving up on research entirely during November, and saving all that nitty gritty for later revisions.

But I thought I’d post a few more sites I like to consult for ideas and definitions, pictures and history (these in addition to the World Building post I made a short time back). These are sites that make an internet connection a valuable tool rather than a distraction while you’re trying to write.

Fashion! If you’re like me, you know next to nothing about fashion. I don’t even do my own clothes shopping anymore. My wife just buys stuff and sticks in my closet, and I may or may not notice that what I’m wearing is new.

Names! Some people just flip open the phone book. I like to use this site, which allows you to search or browse by ethnicity, popularity, and definition. And there’s a great random name generator. And they have a sister site dedicated to surnames. Make your names mean something! You’re a writer! Be pretentious! There are of course many random name generators out there, and even more general name sites, I just happen to like these.

Units of measure! I’m not even sure how to describe this site. But it has a ton of information on, well, measuring things. And converting measurements, and all the history and science behind all that stuff. Can be very handy. The home page has tons of general science info. You will no longer have any excuse for not knowing exactly how long a jiffy is.

Quotes! Can’t remember who said what? Search here!


One thought on “More resources”

  1. That fashion page will be invaluable. Too often I’ve written: “He wore, uh, a suit, of brown – cloth. Wool maybe. Her dress was red – organdy? Crinoline? Silk. Covered with those little foofy things.”

    I just LOVE weights and measures. Seriously, I do.
    Especially since I live in a metric country. Opportunities for argument arise often. The metric system has no soul, people! It was created in a lab! The English system originates in centuries of culture! Bah!

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