A few quick notes

Still plugging away at NaNo. Sorry I haven’t had much chance to post any exerpts. I’m waaaay behind on word count, and expect now that I’ll probably only have a couple of solid short stories as a result of this month’s efforts. But I’m happy with that.

We are working on putting together a signing/reading for the Every Day Fiction anthology. More details on that in the next few days, most likely.

Work is insanely busy. Bleh.

Finally broke down and picked up the first three issues of Pax Romana, a book about a group of Vatican soldiers sent back in time to ensure that the Holy Roman Empire doesn’t fall. It’s worth checking out, though I’m wondering if it should have been told through another medium, perhaps a series of novels. Then again, Hickman may not have been looking to tell that sort of story. I’m rambling now because I’m still not sure what I think of it. I’ll definitely be picking up the last issue.

Oh, almost forgot, my robotic librarian story received a very nice rejection just a day or two ago. It was kind of a long-shot market, so to get a very friendly and encouraging rejection from them was an unexpected treat. They just didn’t like the ending.

Anyway, off to a lunch write-in.


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