NaNo, Day 26

Well, my NaNoWriMo word count stands a little north of 10,000 words. While that’s bad for NaNo, it’s actually pretty good for me, for a month. I feel like it’s a solid start to the book I want to write. I’m starting to doubt, however, that what I’ve written will stand well by itself, so I probably haven’t ended up with a sellable short story (er, novella).

I doubt I’ll get much else written in the next few days. There’s the mess of Thanksgiving, of course, and I’ve taken on a freelance copyediting project that’s going to eat up some time as well. It’s a fun project, the contents of which I will only hint at!

However…I think I have made an unexpected and delightful breakthrough as concerning the Asta the Android story I was trying to write previously and got distracted from. The villain featured in this section of the NaNo piece is heavily tied to Asta. It’s simply later in his career than the point at which our android detective met (and subsequently incarcerated) him. Now that I’ve firmly cemented this guy in my mind (well, mostly – I still need a good name for him), I think writing the Asta story should go easier.

So I’m going to set myself a goal for December – write the origin story for Asta the Android. The tagline: Murder! Robots! Mad Scientists! Lesbians?

Great. Now I’ve set myself up for all the “robot lesbian” Google searches. My apologies if that’s what brought you here. Your unnatural but intriguing desires can only go unfulfilled.

I would really like to go all superhero in December. Look out for some superhero flash as well. I’ve been neglecting that urge for too long.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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  1. Murder! Robots! Mad Scientists! Lesbians?

    Now, I’m intrigued!

    Good luck for a superhero fest in December Sounds like a great goal!!!

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