Not much to report at the moment. I’m mostly just trying to get through this last week of work before I’m out on vacation. I should start pumping out some more work next week. In a bored moment yesterday I wrote up this fun little scene. I think I’ll end up using it as part of the larger story about these two characters, both of whom you may recognize if you’ve been reading this blog for very long. Just a couple of hundred words.


Kelly sat on a pile of sparking scrap. She locked eyes with the hollow sockets of the metallic skull in her hands. A light flickered deep within, then faded.

“Hah!” she laughed. She tossed the skull aside. It bounced down the pile of its own remnants and rolled across the sidewalk. A heavy boot stopped the errant titanium/aluminum alloy head. The Chicago Defender knelt and prodded the formerly evil component. He cut a dashing figure in his police officer-blue uniform. The gold badge on his chest sparkled somehow, despite the cloudy, sunless sky.

“I told them automated meter maids were a mistake,” he called. Behind the Defender, a cluster of civilians cautiously untangled from each other. “Nice work!” He gave Kelly a thumbs up.

“Yeah.” Kelly stood, balancing for a moment on the pile of bashed metal torsos and circuitry before gingerly picking her way down to the street. She wore her business attire, a hooded red tunic trimmed with white, the distinctive outfit marking her as the Scarlet Ranger. A matching mask obscured the top half of her face. “No, you were great, too, with the standing behind your energy shield the whole time.” She leaned close to him, her eyes sparkling with a smile she struggled to keep off her face.

As usual, he completely missed her flirty tone. “There were civilians to protect!”

Kelly rolled her eyes and stepped away as the Defender ushered away passersby.