Still alive! I got astonishingly little done over the holidays. Well, not that astonishing, I guess, if you are at all familiar with my work ethic. As far as holidays go, the past few weeks have been great, very refreshing. We threw a fantastic New Year’s Party. We played a massive amount of Rock Band. Pictures are up at my Facebook account, which as far as I can tell you can’t see unless you are a member. Oh well.

Worthy of note: I believe it is only at a Writer’s Ink-populated party where I can simultaneously play bass on Who Made Who and wax intellectual about Lady Murasaki while pissed on Newcastle Ale.

It’s my turn to provide prompts for the Writer’s Ink monthly prompt contest. I nearly forgot! So I whipped these up:

– Write a story in which a child saves the world
– Write a story using at least three of the following objects: an umbrella, a priceless Buddha statue, a broken phone, a train, a tapestry, a monocle
– Begin a story with the following: “I wish someone had told me…”
– Write a story about something that annoys you
– Write a story about several characters trapped in one of the following: a disabled elevator, a sinking submarine, caved-in mine shaft, damaged spacecraft, ancient catacombs, someone else’s body (interpret that one however you want!)

I’ll be coming up with more later. I may work on one or two of these today, as it appears work is dead.

Trades purchased with Barnes & Noble Christmas gift card: Umbrella Acadamy: Apocalypse Suite, Conan Vol 1, The Frost Giant’s Daughter and other stories


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  1. I got very little done over the break except for brainstorming, so right there with ya man. Glad you had a safe and happy holiday! And, doesn’t Rock Band totally…well…rock?

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