Yesterday at the comic shop I witnessed a lady clearly out of her element try to convince the shop owner to pre-sell her a (2nd print) copy of the Obama Spider-Man issue. She worked at it for about an hour before he managed to convince her that if she just got there early enough on Wednesday she’d probably be able to get one. She’ll end up paying $20 or $30 for that issue, at least. In five years she’ll be lucky if it’s worth a quarter. All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.

At any rate, I thought I’d point out a few webcomics I read and enjoy. There are plenty more out there, and many that are probably better, but these are the ones I check out daily, or at least a couple times a week.

Starslip – formerly Starslip Crisis, this is currently my favorite series, about a warship that’s been converted to a museum. Kris Straub has recently undergone a massive art evolution. This is actually a good time to jump on, though I definitely recommend reading through the archives. I also get a daily laugh out of his indy comic parody, Chainsaw Suit.

Shortpacked! – a strip mostly about toys and toy collecting, which sounds very niche (and sometimes it is), but I think it’s actually pretty widely accessable. It’s in kind of a weird place right now, in the middle of a story arc, but it’s a solid series.

Theater Hopper – about movies! I recently helped Tom out with some copyediting on his Year 3 collection and had a blast with it.

Basic Instructions – absolutely love this strip, a 4-panel gag-a-panel series with a deeply snarky sense of humor. One of these days I want to get one of his Infini-Tees.

And of course, I read PvP, Penny Arcade, and XKCD. I don’t need to expand on those any.

Happy MLK, Jr Day everyone! I’m looking forward to watching the inauguration tomorrow, preferrably on HBO so we don’t have to listen to some 24-hour news jackasses talking over it the whole time.


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