Quick notes for fellow writers

Just a couple of things I wanted to mention today:

OMG! The Book of Awesome Stuff has re-opened to submissions. If you are a writer and have a batshit-crazy story you don’t know what to do with, send it in! Stephanie and I both have weird stories accepted there. It should be an interesting anthology. A portion of the proceeds go to charity.

Speaking of Stephanie, she’s gone mad and started posting a writing prompt every day over at her site. They’re great prompts, and should provide some good starting points/inspiration if you ever want to knock out a piece of flash fiction or get yourself out of some writing funk.

And speaking of knocking out a piece of flash fiction, I wrote a little something today that I think is pretty funny. We’ll see if Every Day fiction thinks so! It’s the shortest (complete) thing I’ve ever written at only 140 words, but I think it works.


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