Airships are awesome

Almost missed it, but Jens has an excellent essay on aeronautical raconteurs over at Every Day Weirdness.

I have made some headway on my space western. It still lacks a bit of a, what-you-callit, plot, but that’s never stopped anyone from writing a story before.

My mathematical pulp story not featuring Summer Glau has already been rejected! I have another place in mind, but they’re not open to submissions until March. I guess I’ll have to sit on it until then. It’s never fun to have a story you think is a lot of fun just sitting on the hard drive, wasting away. Oh well.

I’m looking forward to not administering the group prompt contest next month. It feels awkward writing on my own prompts for some reason, like I’m cheating. So next month I should get some more flash pieces done.


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