It’s quiet…

Nothing much to report. No word back yet on a couple of pieces I have out on submission. Work slowly continues on the space western, which is tentatively titled, “The Telepath’s Lament.” Is that cliche? I’m debating adding some sort of subtitle, like “A Chuck Chaykin Adventure.” It’s a bit presumptious to assume that this story alone, much less others, will be published, but if there are several, it would be nice for people to immediately and easily identify them as being kin. But a subtitle might look silly.

I have a few ideas for flash pieces for Chuck that could be fun. One involves a shark. A space shark.

I fear “The Telepath’s Lament” going to be kind of long, as it’s currently at 3,000 words and I have several more scenes to write; I expect it could easily reach 10,000. I’m hoping it won’t be too long to sell. I guess if it is, perhaps I can just flesh it out into a full novel. I think there’s enough in my head that I might be able to do that, with this story as the core. I’m pretty excited about the story, as it’s one of the few that kind of suddenly came to me as a whole and is actually completely plotted out. I have lots of detail to fill in, but the basic story arc is all planned.

I hope I’m capturing the western aspects of the setting properly. I’m basing it mostly on western films I’ve seen, as I’ve read very little in the way of actual western prose. We shall see!

On the television front, I thought the premiere of Dollhouse was pretty decent. It had some silliness that reeked of studio idiocracy (including some rather blatant cheesecake) and some other minor blunders. I think it’ll pick up once they’re done with the exposition dump. Assuming it gets the chance.

Something interesting about Dollhouse will be seeing how they handle the personality of the dolls in between missions. Usually, and especially with Whedon shows, the characters develop gradually over the course of a series. The writers can build on previous experiences and have the characters change over time. But if the dolls get wiped clean every episode, that interrupts the process. Clearly, Echo will be the doll who breaks that cycle, and that’s what will drive the series.

And in other news, at Half Price Books last week (or so) I discovered that someone is reprinting the old Doc Savage pulp magazines from the ’30s and ’40s. I scooped up this one, and it’s pure gold. Or is that bronze? If you’re interested in classic pulp, you should definitely check these out, as the genre was pretty much invented with Doc Savage.