We used to be friends

Yeah, started in on Veronica Mars this weekend. Whoever was in charge of informing me of this show’s awesomeness will be fed to the alligators for dereliction of duty.

Fresh new rejection waiting for me this morning. They said they loved everything but the part that I thought was the most fun and clever. So I don’t know what to think about that. No matter, there are other homes at which it will fit, I hope. I just have to sit on it for a month awaiting submission periods. Sigh.

Other than that, I’m juggling about half a dozen writing projects at once. It’s a little tiring.


2 thoughts on “We used to be friends”

  1. Ah, the beauty of experiencing season 1 of VM for the first time. **sighs nostalgicly**

    Love that show! And we actually watched season 1 a little out of order because we didn’t get into it until later — the Christmas poker game ep. is the first one we saw, but I was hooked from the moment Logan said, “Annoy, Tiny Blonde one. Annoy like the wind!” LOL! Then we watched the rest mostly in order during reruns (except for the Paris Hilton ep. and the cult ep. which never re-ran and we didn’t see until the DVDs came out).

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