Pow! Gah!

I hate it when people use onomonopea in titles. Oh well.

It was a good weekend for librarians here at Meanwhile…not one but two stories accepted. You may or may not recall that some time back I wrote a story about a robot librarian, “The Overdue Protocols.” I’ve received word that it’s been accepted over at The Future Fire. It should be out in their August issue.

It may seem like it was planned, but I actually wrote “The Overdue Protocols” last year sometime. Complete coincidence!

Sadly, neither of my librarians is a hot librarian with the glasses or the pinned-up hair. My apologies. I’ll get on that one next.

Oh, also, a huge huge huge grats to KC, who nabbed third place over at no less prestigious a contest than The Writers of the Motherfucking Future (that’s their new title, just so you know).


3 thoughts on “Pow! Gah!”

  1. Alex, Thanks for your kind words at FFChronic. Much appreciated and congrats on your stash of librarian acceptances! Did name any of them Marian did you?

  2. Thanks for the kudos, Alex. BTW, I like the new contest name. And you got a month to get a story submitted, so that you can be a third quarter winner.

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