Story Every Day Contest

I nearly forgot, but tomorrow marks the Writer’s Ink Story Every Day contest. We started this last year after my own fool-hearted attempt at something similar on my own. Now all the cool kids are doing it. Every day for two weeks we’ll all attempt to churn out a piece of flash fiction of at least 500 words.

So keep an eye on this space for terrible, hastily-written exercises for the next couple of weeks. I usually get about 9-12 pieces done. With a little luck one or two might be worth polishing up.


4 thoughts on “Story Every Day Contest”

  1. I’d love the prompts. The first line of what I wrote today was something like “When eating raspberries always wear your reading glasses.”

    Also what the hell is “steampunk?” BTW, I would have left this note above but the comments thing said something about after the bump? Is THAT steampunk?

  2. Gah, sorry, something at that post. Sometimes when I post directly from Word it gives me trouble. There’s so much trash in the code from Word I’m not surprised. It’s there now.

    I’ll make a quick post about steampunk. 🙂

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