Less Than Meets The Eye

I wonder how many Transformers 2 reviews will use some version of this title? Or did when the first film came out?

I think there's a face in there...somewhereI don’t think I ever talked about the Bayformers here, but I intesely disliked the first film. It pretty much did everything wrong. I only saw it at all because my 8-year-old nephew brought it over one day.

This isn’t because I dislike the Transformers. Are you kidding me? I can’t get enough of them. I, a grown-ass man, actually own the first season of the original series on DVD. And it holds up…not that well, actually. But I like it anyway! And I can watch those old cartoons with that same nephew and have a good time. The ideas are fun, and the personalities of the transformers are endearing. It was cheesy, poorly animated, full of plotholes and inconsistencies, and clearly they had little-to-no budget; they are very much a product of their time. The producers of the new films have no such excuses! When I imagine what the new Transformers could have been in more capable hands, it makes me sad.

I haven’t seen Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, and, gods willing, won’t have to. I would rather, for example, pick up a copy of another long awaited sequel, Hobgoblins 2, which was just released today on video. Judging by the reviews, I would be better off.

My favorite review is by the good people over at Latino Review. In fact, that might be my favorite review of any movie ever.

What’s troubling to me is the general attitude toward movies like these (and others, such as the upcoming GiJoe movie, which I’ll also be skipping even if Actually, I looked better as the Orion girl in Star TrekI totally want a giant poster of Scarlet). Everywhere I go I see dismissive comments such as “it’s about robots fighting,” or “it’ll be mindless fun” and “it’s based on a toy, get over it.” I see this idea a lot with comic book and video game movies. These are not reasons or excuses! So because it’s based on something you already enjoyed in another form, be it a comic book, toy, etc., means someone can completely ruin it on celluloid? And you’ll pay them to do it?

There are movies that are fun and feature giant robots/monsters/aliens, explosions, and beautiful people that don’t require me to completely shut off my brain or have my intelligence insulted to enjoy. Some are even successful. More of these please, Hollywood.

The Incredibles - Awesome


9 thoughts on “Less Than Meets The Eye”

  1. I was promised by a friend that the original Transformers was good so I tried to watch it. Did not like it. “There’s a real story,” she says. “Nerd takes beautiful girl away from football player.”

    I am not a fantasy person as a rule and this one proved it to me. Now she’s trying to convince me to see the second one.

  2. She’s not entirely wrong about the story. The first was mostly about a dude trying to sleep with Megan Fox. This is certainly a laudable goal, and I wish him the best of luck. But I don’t need that distracting from a story about sentient robots waging a war for resources in our back yard.

  3. I totally fell asleep during the first one, and that was even with the Rifftrax going. Oh, and nerds should aim higher than Megan Fox. Blah. Pretty much any actress would have been better than her.

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