Just wanted to drop a note that editor/writer extraordinaire Jordan Lapp is chronicling some of his experiences (as he has time) at the (in?)famous Clarion West Writer’s Workshop.

Similarly, KC is heading to James Gunn’s SF Writer’s Workshop. It’s that time of year I guess?

I look forward to their accounts of the experience. The closest I have had to that sort of thing is my creative writing classes at UNT, but those weren’t nearly as intense. I’m generally a slow writer, so reading about the first couple days of Clarion terrifies me. Having to churn out stories so quickly to a mixed audience? Scary stuff. To me, anyway.

I wish both of them the best of luck!


One thought on “Clarion”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Alex. I figure my two weeks in Kansas will be less intense than Jordan’s six here in Seattle. Clarion West is a pressure cooker.

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