I’m putting together a package of books for a cousin, who’s spending his summer in sunny Afghanistan. Any suggestions? He’s a sci fi/adventure fan. I’ll assume he’s read all the big mainstream hits.

Continuing to plug away at the monthly writing contest. I’ll need to finish up two stories today! Plus a movie review that was sort of dumped on me at the last minute. Insanity!

An excerpt from last night’s efforts. I honestly have no idea where this came from. It’s kind of random. I think, though, crafting the description of the dramatic Illiad-style invasion of the moon (not in this excerpt) is some of the most fun I’ve had writing in a while.

Invasion of the Moonians

Viktor sat on the parapets and watched the moon. Occasionally he thought he saw something move up there, but the captain of the watch assured him that nothing had moved on the moon in years.

“We killed all them, uh, moonians, back in ‘ought three,” said the captain, a large, pot-bellied man whom Viktor had never seen without a slab of mutton or chicken leg in hand. He was, this evening, gnawing on a chicken wrap – evidently concerned for his health, the captain’s wife had forced him to eat something with vegetables. The lettuce spilled out of the wrap, leaving a green trail behind the soldier as he made his slow rounds. The captain patted his pistol with his free hand.

“I was just a sergeant back then, in charge of artillery. Your dad, he weren’t no older than you. He helped us load those old .55s we had back then.” He pointed at the pocked surface of the distant satellite. “See those, eh, darker, bluish spots?”


“That were us,” the captain puffed his chest out, started to get enthused about his tale. “The 101st Longbow. We pounded those moonian positions for three days before your grandfather led the invasion.”



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  1. Hmm, sci-fi and adventure…well, I don’t know if this will entirely fit the bill as it falls a bit more in the gory, almost-horro genre, but I just finished reading Afraid by Jack Kilborn. It was a fast and action-packed read. Unfortunately, haven’t read any good sci-fi lately.

    Nice excerpt by the way. Makes me want to read the rest of the story and I love the word “moonians”–that just rocks.

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