Pulpy Goodness

My short story, “Big in Ak-Sar-Ben,” in which a stalwart scientist battles giant monsters with math, has been accepted by Big Pulp. I’ll post more when it comes out in October! That’s a story I’m pretty happy with. It was hard to sit on it, waiting for Big Pulp’s submission period. But the patience paid off.

I managed to pull off the nigh impossible – well, okay, perhaps it was only the slightly difficult, or even moderatedly challenging – task of winning the writing group’s July contest. I wrote the last piece with about 25 minutes to spare. I may have a couple of publishable works out of it, actually; maybe I should just be dashing things off without putting so much thought into them. Maybe I’m overthinking things. For first drafts, anyway. I would post an excerpt but I don’t have them handy.

Also on the to-do list: send in submissions for the Norton Anthology Hint Fiction contest. I’ve got one ready to go, and ideas for a couple more. Competition will be fierce!

Best of all, I think I have a solid piece that I can send to 10Flash. Once it’s been through the ringer at the writing group I’ll send it in.


3 thoughts on “Pulpy Goodness”

  1. Congrats. Sounds like a good one. Math rules the universe. Euclid told me so.

    Big Pulps website is confusing on dates. All the dates when I went there were from months ago. I’ll have to check back for new sub period.

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