Rocking On

So far I’m doing well on my new goal to submit a story a month – I put some polish on “With the Band” and sent it over to Every Day Fiction. It’s a fun story, so I hope they like it.

The month is still young!

I’m torn on what to do with “Invasion of the Moonians.” It’s basically a talking head story, and I don’t know how interesting those really are for flash. I may just post the whole of it here sometime and not worry about sending it out. Or I may take the material and rework it into something more exciting. We’ll see.

On a sad note, RIP John Hughes. His high school movies are the ones people always talk about, but my favorites came after that, with John Candy in particular. Hell, I even watched Career Opportunities (who can forget Jennifer Connelly on the rocking horse?). I couldn’t tell you how many times I watched Uncle Buck, The Great Outdoors, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when I was a kid.

So as tribute, one of my favorite scenes, from one of my favorite movies.