Three minutes

I thought this was interesting: Three-minute fiction on NPR. I’ll have to see what I can come up with, but I don’t know if I can generate something that would likely suit NPR’s tastes. They’re working with someone from the New Yorker, which automatically gives the whole exercise an air of the pretentious that I can’t stand.

I imagine there is no swearing, which might be problematic. Also, they may not want to read about Moonians or space sharks.

I’ve got two 25-word stories for the Hint Fiction contest. They’re okay, I think. It’s not an easy task. They hint at interesting stories, but I’m not sure they have that haiku-style moment that makes the reader’s heart skip a beat. However, it is hard to analyze something like that when you’ve spent an hour staring at the same sentence trying to figure out which two words you can cut.

I’ve added a Resources page, the link is above the title up there. I hope there’s something useful for my fellow writers contained therein. They are, at least, useful to me.

I Mad Men’d myself.

Me, circa 1960


Don Draper would have never hung out with me.