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Jordan is blogging about more workshop experience, this time at the Writers of the Future events (he did Clarion before, in case you missed it). And once again I am in awe and terror.

A workshop would be something I’d be interested in, but I’m not sure there’s anything local, so I’d have to travel. Anyone have any good ones to recommend? It would also be cool to have a familiar face or two there. It seems like a nerve-wracking experience.


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  1. There’s Viable Paradise:

    It’s not local, it’s at Martha’s Vineyard, but it’s only a week, not 6 weeks like Clarion. I’ve thought about going to VP . . . it sounds awesome and terrifying. Mur Lafferty went and talked about her experience on I Should Be Writing, but I don’t remember what episode(s)–it was a while back.

    There’s also this place in Portland, OR that does writing workshops:

    But I think they might be aimed more at literary fiction, poetry and memoirs than speculative fiction.

  2. Obviously, I’ve found both workshops to be invaluable. I hope, eventually, to recover the cost from my writing 😉

    Oh, and the WotF workshop is free!

  3. Alex,
    Talk to KC. Her sci-fi thing in Kansas was amazing and isn’t that close to Texas…aren’t you in Texas??? As a matter of fact, she’s been so busy writing and subbing since, I barely hear from her. Sooo cool.

  4. Hello. I’m here and still alive. 😉

    Gay’s right. The Gunn workshop is great. Involving and lots of hard work but not the marathon ordeal that everyone says the Clarions are.

    I got lots of good stuff from Jim Gunn, met lots of great people, newbies to the field and old pros, too.

    And I came back with the NEED to write and a clearer idea of how to do that.

    I brought two complete stories back with me from Kansas, one is at Analog and the other is at Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, and I’ve written seven stories in the seven week since I got back. I’m getting ready to submit the last of those.

    Busy, busy, busy.

    The Gunn workshop was $500 for the two-week workshop, $500 for two weeks in a dorm room (half that if you’re willing to share a room), and I spent another $250 on food. Plus the transportation, of course, but I don’t know if Lawrence is driving distance for you or not.

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