Busy Busy

Received two rejections over the past couple of days – one from Austin indie mag Space Squid, and the other my expected Writer’s of the Future rejection. It’s all good. The Space Squid story has already been redirected, with a few tweaks, to Every Day Fiction, along with a requested rewrite of my rock and roll IN SPACE! story. I am feeling productive!

It helps that I had to stay home from work today. We’ve got some home repairs going on.

My WoTF story I will take another look at and likely send spinning in the direction of Space Westerns.com. It seems right up their alley, being a space western and all. Or maybe I should expand it into a novel? Hmm.

Oh, if you are in the Austin, TX area in the next few months, I recommend stopping by the Harry Ransom Center on UT’s campus to check out the Edgar Allan Poe exhibit. It’s quite spiffy. They’ve also got a great exhibit dedicated to the International Year of Astronomy and one of the Gutenberg Bibles.

Just don’t go on a game day. That whole area becomes a mess, and you’ll see more burnt orange shirts than any human being should ever have to suffer.


3 thoughts on “Busy Busy”

  1. It took me three tries to get into Space Squid. Just add some jokes about boobs. They love boobs.
    Strangely, that doesn’t work so well for WoTF.

    Is that Gutenberg Bible a temporary exhibit? Or will it still be there, say, next summer?

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