I received word over the weekend that “Apotheosis Cake” was chosen for the Every Day Fiction Best of 2009″ Anthology!

Erin is featured as well, with a staggering four stories. I think that might be it for the Writer’s Inkers this time around – we had a fairly light presense on EDF this year compared to last year.

EDIT: Oop, apparently Jens and Stephanie are in as well! Yay! Perhaps we can do that book signing we tried to put together last year?

The full list hasn’t been posted yet, but I expect a lot of familiar names to be featured. It really is a great anthology. If you missed last year’s you can still find it at Amazon or order it directly from the good folks at EDF.

I’m seriously considering making the trip up north this time to make the launch party. I think it would be a blast. I’ll just have to see if I can put the money together for the trip. I’ve never been to the barren tundras of Canada before, though. Do they have cars up there? Should I bring my own food? Or perhaps a weapon with which to hunt for game (and if so, will the natives be frightened of gunpowder)? Someone let me know.


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