The Importance of Fun

Work is killing me, so I really haven’t had any time to get much done. I have, however, managed to squeeze out an article for the Flash Fiction Chronicles. You can read it here.

I’m thinking of making a regular series of articles here about the sort of thing featured in that post. Each week feature something that I think is awesome to write about. I’d talk about why they are important to storytelling and point out what I think are a few good examples. Any interest in that?

Whatever attempt at NaNo I might have made is a complete bust. I simply haven’t had any time with all this overtime at work. But at lunch last week I managed what may be the first rough paragraph of a Chuck Chaykin novel. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Chuck Chaykin cast a glance toward the end of the bar, where an old Model A7500 named Pods nursed a grimy bottle. The A7500s were an ugly bunch, all transistors and gears stuffed into metal boxes barely big enough to hold them together. Pods had a rubber belt serving as a pulley for his left arm, and the scarred shoulder joints suggested it wasn’t a voluntary modification. Pods’s right eye occasionally blinked in Chaykin’s direction. They each knew the other had been spotted.


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