End of a (minor) era

Last Friday I decided to bring my little daily hint fiction exercise to an end. It was great to keep me writing during these past overtime-laden months, but it’s starting to become a chore. I need to get back to my regular writing. There are 73 little nano-stories over there. If I’d realized the number I might have churned out a couple more just to hit that nice round 75. A handful of them are actually good.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it before, but the talented Rumjhum Biswas wrote a nice article over on the Flash Fiction Chronicles that complements my “Make it Fun!” article.


One thought on “End of a (minor) era”

  1. I still think that some of those are just dying to be sent off to a microfiction market. Drabblecast and Flashshot come to mind. My votes are for the one about the andriod breakup/turning off the emotion chip and the email about Mr. Multiple counting as one kill. Those were my favorites. šŸ™‚

    My Twitter feed will miss your daily fiction!

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