Anchor Barbie

Since I have been known to occasionally venture into talking about feminism in pop culture and journalism both, I thought I’d bring this up (since not much else has been happening here lately).

You may have heard already, but a couple of weeks ago Mattel announced Barbie’s new careers – computer engineer and television news anchor.

Danica McKeller
What? She's a mathematician!

Computer engineer, fine. Young women should be encouraged to pursue technical fields. No problem.

[Is there a physicist Barbie? I don’t keep track of these things. Perhaps she could come with a Large Hadron Collider playset and miniature black hole, and will be unattractive until she takes her glasses off, at which point she becomes a sexual dynamo. But I digress. (Mattel, call me)]

But I have to take issue with television news anchor. Television news, particularly the 24-hour news networks that have become so huge over the past decade or so, has done nothing but destroy actual journalism. I rarely bother with any of it, but it seems like every time I flip past one of those networks it’s either someone reading Twitter posts on air or some raving lunatic like Glenn Beck.

If I were an editorial cartoonist, I would take a minute away from feverishly updating my resume to draw an image of a man in a Newspaper suit dragging a man labeled “Journalism” into a grave while another guy in a Television hat stood smugly by with a shovel.

Not that Barbie couldn’t be a grave digger if she wanted. I just think she’s a classier gal than that, is all.