Inky Deal

It’s been quiet around here lately, but for good reason! Check this:

April 1, 2010

Fans of dark urban humor fantasy won’t want to miss “This is How You Pronounce Ichor” the new nerdcore-style spoken word album from acclaimed author Alexander Burns.

When the music first begins to creep into you, it’s almost unrecognizable. But something deep and dark lurks within the album.

The first whispers of My Other Best Friend is a Derleth lull a listener into a false sense of calm before hammering at the psyche with noisome chords and abject terrors so palpable that it’s impossible to stop the CD without going insane…and yet one isn’t sure that finishing it will ensure sanity, either.

The album is an emotional journey – the eldritch Internet gibbers of O’R’lyeh may leave you a slobbering mess, but the achingly touching The Rats in the Walls (of Love) will rescue even the most heard-hearted souls. And the poignant rants found in Sorry, I’m More of a Shoggoth Person display remarkable insight into human relationships to which anyone can relate. Favored among these offices is Tentacles Hide the Tears, a wrenching tale of heartbreak and revenge in 19th century Texas.

“It’s an incredible foray into Yog-sothery,” stated actor and writer Wil Wheaton. “I’ll be surprised if the world survives the onslaught. It’s like if Henry Rollins had a love child with the Necronomicon, and then that kid got stood up for a blind date at the Innsmouth Cafe, went home and got drunk.”

Look for Mr. Burns this summer on tour with musician Jonathan Coulton.

So yeah, exciting stuff. Keep an eye out here for more information on tour dates, and the album itself will be available via iTunes and other fine retailers next week. Merchandise is available now!


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