Story a day Day 5

This might be another solid one, though it’ll need a lot of polish, it’s quite rough. An early adventure of a certain masked heroine. Perhaps the most fun writing this was coming up with her terrifically horrible early ’80s costume (the Doc Martens go without saying, of course). Brief excerpt after the jump.


“What?” Claude pulled open the door and stepped out onto the floor of the press area. Buck watched as he approached the shattered glass and nudged a few shards with his foot.

Buck heard a high pitched yelp, and a girl plunged from above to fall on Claude. Claude shouted in pain and fury and collapsed beneath a sprawling young woman half his size. A red sash obscured the bottom half of her face, and the top of her head was dominated by a short but wild shock of brown hair. She wore what appeared to be red aerobics tights beneath a jean jacket. Cursing, rolled off Claude and lurched to her feet holding her head. Buck saw cracks in the warehouse floor.

“The hell was that?” demanded Flanagan. “Was that Claude?”

“Some girl just fell through the skylight,” Buck told him. “She looks okay, though.”

“I don’t know what you just said, but go fix it.”